230L 4 Drum Spill Bund Spill Deck Pallet - TSSBP4L

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  • The TSSBP4L 4 drum bunded spill pallet is designed to provide a secure 230-litre secondary containment facility for drums of up to 205 litres.
  • Suitable for holding 4 x 205L (44gal) drums.
  • Rotomolded from 100% virgin resin polyethylene.
  • Excellent broadband chemical resistance.
  • Spill pallet moved with a forklift when loaded.
  • Removable non-slip grates.
  • The raised lip helps to keep your load secure
  • Spill pallet covers are also available to protect the load and sump.
  • Fitted with a drain plug at no extra cost.
Dimensions 1280 × 1280 × 275mm
Capacity 230litres
Note: 1 Precaution should be based at least on the loss of contents of the largest container kept.