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Personal Protection – The Importance of Using the Right Equipment in the Workplace

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Hazards exist all around us, and it’s more often than not the unconsidered problems or issues that will affect us most. One of the most important and often overlooked factors to consider in the workplace is whether or not you have the right equipment.

I know what you are thinking already; “here we go, another training speech about safety”.

There is a reason you receive those speeches and it isn’t that your boss wants to cover off on his liability. No. It is because no one wants to see someone they work with everyday injured, unable to work, or possibly worse. Next time you are completing a task at work always ask yourself whether you have the right equipment to complete the job safely. Ask yourself:

Is it fit for the job

Now I don’t mean have you been to the gym recently.
What I am referring to is whether or not the equipment you are using is 
right for the job at hand.
For example, should you be using that drill with a frayed cord, or that hard hat with the enormous crack down the side? If something doesn’t look right then always ask the question whether it needs to be repaired, should be raised with a senior rep or better yet, taken away completely.

Using a faulty piece of equipment could result in a serious accident, meaning you could be injured or put out of work for a long time. Always check for safety tags, frayed power cords, hazards in close proximity and above all else, ask yourself whether you are using the equipment for the job it was designed to do. Save yourself the pain and paperwork associated with a workplace injury and remember to ask, is it fit for purpose?

Am I Qualified

Like any person on this planet, we like to think ourselves far more capable than perhaps we really are. I mean, I am as good a guitar player as anyone else who has never taken a lesson or who doesn’t understand what chords are. However, in the workplace, believing you can tackle the task at hand with a piece of equipment you aren’t qualified to use is down right dangerous.

Not only will you earn the ire of your boss, but by using equipment you knowingly knew you couldn’t, then you could be waiving any workplace insurance or rights to compensation when you inevitably get injured. Instead, always ensure that when completing a task you only use what you are capable and trained to use. If you need a task done that requires equipment you aren’t trained for, then ask a colleague to help. Better yet, sit down with your boss and ask for more training. Not only will you then be more capable, by upskilling, you add desirable traits to your resume should you ever need them.

PPE – More Than Just An Acronym

I am sure at this point you are convinced you have never been told to wear goggles, ear muffs or knee protectors. However, next time you are at work, take a second to look at all those cartoons on the walls. I am confident you’ll discover those aren’t cartoons at all. In fact, I think you’ll find they are PPE signs, instructing you what personal protective equipment is required.

PPE is more than just a buzzword for your OH&S rep.
It is specifically designed equipment to ensure you leave the workplace as good as you entered it. It is critical to your personal safety as well as the safety of those around you. Next time you consider using a welder without a protective mask, think again. Your retinas will thank you and as you get older you may be able to prolong that visit to the optometrist.

It is very important to take the time before starting a job to consider what PPE you may need for the job itself. Taking this time out to protect yourself, will ensure the family expecting you home later get to see you, instead of that nurse at the local hospital.

In the workplace, safety is second to none.

Ensuring you have the right equipment for the job, that you are qualified to use it, and that you take above all else your personal safety seriously will ensure you leave work as you intended, fit and healthy. Workplace accidents are no laughing matter, your safety is serious business, so ensure you are always using the right equipment for the job. To find one of Australia’s best ranges of high-quality safety equipment, explore Anything Safety today.

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