Folding Handturck / Platform Trolley Wheelbarrow

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Wolf Carts Hand Truck Function

  • Varying handle positions enables an optimal tilting position and folds down for transporting & storage
  • Handles with protective hoops
  • High and Curved High back rest surface is ideal for high objects and round secure holding of round objects
  • Load capacity: 150kg (in hand truck position)

Wolf Carts Wheelbarrow / Platform Trolley Function

  • Easy to load due to the low loading height
  • A simple exchanging of various containers makes the system better than every other wheelbarrow
  • Height: 125cm
  • Width: 63cm
  • Load capacity: 200kg ( in wheelbarrow position)
  • Wide wheelbase reduces chance of trolley tipping over when loaded
  • The Wolfcart’s solid axle travels all the way through from one wheel the other
  • Suitable for use on steps: adapting tilting angle with the fast folding system
  • Fold down plate ideal for transporting longer objects
  • Ball-bearing wheels with pneumatic tyres allow trolley to travel easily over rough terrain, rocks gutters etc