PLG1G -2000KG Spring Pallet Elevator - Galvanised

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  • The pallet elevator keeps the active layer of the load at or above waist height, eliminating bending and lifting.
  • It is proving highly effective at reducing the incidences of repetitive strain and back injury.
  • The construction of the pallet elevator is a scissor type action with varying springs which can be adjusted for different
  • Load capacities up to 2000 kg.
  • Turntable allows the operator to rotate the load with minimal stretching and reaching.
  • No ground fixing required.


Capacity 200-2000KG
Rotating Platform Diameter 1110mm
Compressed Height 270mm
Extended Height 710mm
Base Size 1150 x 934mm
Pocket Size 170 x 50mm
Net Weight 168kg